Students and Young Professionals

One of the major focuses of the 16th IUFoST World Congress is the involvement of Young Scientists and Students. These individuals represent a wide variety of international organizations, universities, governments and industries which provide a number of new and different perspectives in the discussions of Food Science and Technology.  Having the opportunity to speak to some of these Young Professionals is important in understandings how the World Congress was able to influence them both on a professional and personal level.

I understand that the current trends and visions that the world faces are a fundamental aspect of development, which also build upon past experiences and lessons rather than fall on past mistakes. Having a concrete understanding of these trends will allow us to adapt in our countries and our own realities, in order to bring about new development, not only professionally but for the good of our people … Simply talking about the problems without action dismisses potentials solutions that provide both innovative and creative to opportunities to complex issues. It is important to use the best practices and models, which hold the most success to as many people as possible. Additionally to this, it is important to understand that it is not simply a difference between knowledge and people; the goal is to link people with international experts in order to maintain development, growth and knowledge. To be the best, we have to deal with the best while developing closer bonds, internationally to ultimately generate sustainable development!

– Jaime Orjuela

Very interesting things have been said so far in this Congress, and with this great opportunity my expectations have been already exceeded. I have been able to build upon past conferences, and of my experiences from the outstanding and remarkable experts that also attend these conferences. Their ability to express opinions from a multitude of different fields ultimately opens an entirely new perspective, a new horizon, which helps my development. The additions of these perspectives provide the knowledge that I can use on a daily basis.

As a professional on Food Science and Technology I couldn’t agree more with the philosophy of always keep learning, with both enthusiasm and leadership, in order to successfully communicate and grow. By these means of communication and innovation we can find success in the Food Science initiatives the world in undertaking.  In summary, I hope to continue my learning (Dr. John Lupien) and getting to know the leaders of today and their points of view, which will provide me with the proper tools so that I can help and contribute to the social, economical, political and scientific environment.

– Victor Eduardo Hoyos

For students like Javier Herrera Stanziola from the University of Costa Rica, there are aspects to this Congress, which he hopes will provide an number of opportunities for open dialogue between both Food Science experts and aspiring students. Being here and talking with other Food Scientists and sharing ideas is what makes these conferences so successful. Javier looks to continue networking, as he will share his experiences and knowledge with many of his international colleagues, because as we know, career and leadership development creates progress and more opportunities.

Participation in the World Congresses is one way to elevate the profession of food science and technology, to meet new colleagues, and to broaden our horizons.

-Daryl Lund (IAFoST President)

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