Global Food Industry Awards

Following the Opening Plenary on August 6th, 2012 – IUFoST and a Jury of international representatives were pleased to announce the Winners of the Global Food Industry Awards in the Categories of:

  1.  Product and/or process innovation including industrialization of traditional foods
  2.  Package innovation, with specifics on the innovative part of the packaging and why it is important
  3.  Communicating science-related knowledge to consumers aimed at improving their lifestyle.

From left: Julio Nitzke (Brazil), Lim Chee Kian (Singapore), Luu Dzuan (President of VAFST) and Atef Idriss (Lebanonl)

The Winners of Product and/or Process Innovation are:

  1. Campbell Company of Canada with ‘Nourish’
  2. Beijing Hongluo Food Co. with ‘Tuckahoe Cake’
  3. Jumain Sataysfaction with ‘Asli Microwaveable Tender Chicken Satay’
  4. Unilever Ltd. with ‘Knorr Cook in Bags’
  5. VIFON with ‘Instant Crab Meat Meals’
  6. Kikkoman Food Products Company with ‘Shiboritate-name Shoyu’

Honorable Mention:

  1. Baixiang Food Group with ‘Instant Noodles of Fine Stew Series’
  2. Yantai Shinho Enterprise Food Co with ‘Soybean Paste’

The Winners of Package Innovation are:

  1. Forte Plastics with ‘Microwaveable/Conventional Oven Self Venting, Crisping and Cooking Bag’
  2. Industry-Bag with ‘Bag in a Tube’
  3. Unilever with ‘Knorr Cook in Bags’

The Winners of Communicating Science-related Knowledge are:

  1. Faire Cape Dairies with ‘Fair Cape Eco Fresh Milk Range’
  2. Abbott Laboratories with ‘Grow School’

Congratulations to all the Industries who were nominated

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