Closing Plenary – Preparing for Montreal in 2014

Scientific Committee Chairs Delia Rodriguez-Amaya and Rickey Yada hosted the Closing Plenary Session to end the 16th IUFoST World Congress here in Iguassu Falls, Brazil. With this Congress coming to an end it was only appropriate to recognize the events to come. ‘Looking Ahead’ with Past President, David Lineback, the future will involve further ‘Collaboration’ between all facets of Food Science and Technology. David Lineback highlighted the fact that it will take a collaborative effort of Academia, Industry and Government to continue progressing into the future. With that progression, there has to be an understanding of the successes and challenges that this past Congress faced in terms of ‘Food Security and Wellness’ and see and understand what can be added, developed and pursued.

“There has to be continuity with all the activities of IUFoST if we really want to combat the issues of the world, we have to keep working continuously and harmoniously.”

– Delia Rodriguez-Amaya  – Scientific Committee Chair

“Countries need to build upon their own capacities to create strategies by country rather than by institution.”

– Shenggen Fen – Distinguished Lecturer and Director General of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Palais des congrès de Montréal – 17th World Congress Facility in Montreal, Canada

Special acknowledgement must be given to the Congress organizers who have provided a model of success in showcasing the Young and Distinguished Scientists and Technologists. Initiatives focused on creating greater bonds between academia, industry and governments will proceed as preparations continue heading into the 17th World Congress in Montreal, Canada in 2014.

Visit the 17th World Congress in Montreal, Canada website at –

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