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22 New Fellows have been elected to the International Academy of Food Science and Technology

The International Union of Food Science and Technology is proud to present the eighth class of outstanding food scientists and technologists to be elected to the International Academy of Food Science and Technology (IAFoST).

The 22 New Fellows are:

Jaime Amaya – Farfan (Brazil)

Ogugua Charles Aworh (Nigeria)

Hongda Chen (USA)

Roger Clemens (USA)

Levente Diosady (Canada)

Elisabeth Dumoulin (France)

Anne Goldman (Canada)

Ralf Greiner (Germany)

Richard Hartel (USA)

Jeya Henry (UK)

Chen Jian (China

Michael Knowles (Beligum)

Yun-Bo Luo (China)

Francis Malcata (Portugal)

Donald Mercer (Canada)

Clare Mills (UK)

Dennis Miller (USA)

Enrique-Ortega Rivas (Mexico)

George Saravacos (Greece)

Sudhir Sastry (USA)

Da-Wen Sun (Ireland)

Martin Wiedman (USA)

IUFoST E-Learning Working Group

Distance Education Training in Food Science

From left: Adewale Obadina (Nigeria), Daryl Lund (USA), Fabiano Sant’Ana (Brazil), Don Mercer (Canada)

“One of the objectives of IUFoST is to provide opportunity for education and training to all professionals engaged in providing a safe, nutritious food supply to consumers. To that end, the IUFoST Distance Education Task Force developed a Distance-Assisted Training Programme. This programme is aimed at those involved in any way with the growing, production, processing, marketing, distribution, or preparation of food products who do not have formal training in food science and technology and desire to advance their career and enhance the quality of the food supply.

The programme is delivered to a participant through a local mentor (usually someone with an advanced degree in food science and technology or considerable industry experience).”

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